Who is Roni Dot?

Roni Dot would have loved to be born in a different decade.
Raised in a musical family near Tel Aviv,
she longed for the synthpop of the 80’s or the Chansons of Paris.
These stylish old-school inspirations are well reflected in her live performance
and indiepop theatrical sound.

The ability to combine pensive, sometimes existential lyrics with light pop melodies can also define Roni Dot’s bittersweet style.

The singles from her latest album “Flamingo pink” were premiered on the Dutch “Maxazine” music platform, mentioned on “3voor12 Den Haag”,
“Space sour UK” music blog, “De Muziekplank”, “Musiczine”, entered “New music Friday” playlists and air played in the famous Israeli indie radio station “Hakatze”.Roni Dot’s latest performences include the well-known Oerol fest, Tellerlikker festival, Tour de terrase, Haagse popweek, Gluren bij de buren festival in the Netherlands, Live Im grunen, Rosa Laub and Altonale festival in Germany and many more.

Being an enthusiastic environment supporter, Dot tries to find ways to connect creation and action. During the Corona crisis she initiated and produced a unique project featuring 33 vegan musicians from all around the world singing a cover version of Bob Dylan’s “Times they are a changing’ “. The project was meant to raise attention to climate change and the human contribution to it, and received much media attention including TV interviews, radio plays and blog features.

Studio releases: “Flamingo pink” (Due for release 2023),”What may come” (2017),

“Roni Dot” (2013 EP)

“Roni Dot is a special act. The brand new single ‘Frozen Things’ is a dreamy and urgent appeal to your senses. An elegant yet urgent beat makes an indelible impression. The vocals are like velvet and deviate little from the rock-solid meter.
It makes you spontaneously daydream”
3voor12 den haag, NL

“This song has a magical power, it can melt away evil and poison.
try it against anyone who ever hurt you” 
“Benoam” music blog IL, single review

“With a super cool voice Israeli singer Roni Dot managed to enchant the audience with theatrical electropop song”
Oldambtnu, live show review, NL

”Frozen things” is a very compelling tune… The track has a very engaging and immersive sound design. You can hear some 80s-inspired sounds, especially in the vocal production, the arrangement is mysterious and well-curated. An electro-pop tune you shouldn’t miss” 
SPACE SOUR music blog, UK

“Amazing performer, beautiful voice and wonderful songs.
Plus: The lady is hilarious! If you get the chance to see her live – don‘t miss it!”
“Telover” music video magazine Hannover, DE

“There are magical moments in this album…She performs well and her experience and theatrical abilities are well heard”
“Maariv” Jerusalem, Israel

“A precise, thorough album aimed for an international crowd”
“Tene G” music blog, album review, Israel

“You need to hear Roni once in order to understand it’s not the last time…
and the sooner the better.”

Amos Oren, “HABAMA”, Israel