Who is Roni Dot?

Roni Dot would have loved to be born in a different decade.

Raised in Tel Aviv, but always longed for America of the 80’s or Paris of the 30’s,
these stylish old-school inspirations are well reflected in her
electropop theatrical sound.
      Dot’s latest album “Flamingo Pink” (Due for release in 2023) Combines pensive lyrics
with pop melodies that create her own unique bittersweet style. 

Her latest singles were premiered on the Dutch “Maxazine” music platform, mentioned on “3voor12 Den Haag”, “Space sour UK”, “De Muziekplank”, “Musiczine”, “FVM” music blog and more, and air played in the famous Israeli indie radio station “Hakatze”.

Roni Dot Will perform in the 2023 editions of well-known Oerol fest, Tellerlikker festival and Tour de terrase.
Her 2022 performences included Rosa Laub festival in Passau, Altonale festival Hamburg,
Haagse popweek, Gluren bij de buren festival and more.

During the Corona crisis Dot initiated and produced a unique project featuring
 33 vegan musicians from all around the world singing a cover version of Bob Dylan’s “Times they are a changing’ “.
The project was meant to raise attention to climate change and the human contribution to it,
a topic Dot cares deeply about. Much media attention was drawn to the project
including TV interviews,radio plays and blog features.

Dot’s debut international performance was at LIVE AT HEART 2019 showcase
followed by a 2019 European tour.

Past releases: “What may come” (2017), “Roni Dot” (2013 EP)

“Amazing performer, beautiful voice and wonderful songs.
Plus: The lady is hilarious!

If you get the chance to see her live – don‘t miss it!””
“Telover” music video magazine

“There are magical moments in this album…
She performs well and her experience and theatrical abilities are well heard”
“Maariv” Jerusalem

”Frozen things” is a very compelling tune… The track has a very engaging and immersive sound design. You can hear some 80s-inspired sounds, especially in the vocal production, the arrangement is mysterious and well-curated. An electro-pop tune you shouldn’t miss” 

“Roni Dot is een bijzondere act. De kersverse single ‘Frozen Things’ is een dromerig en dringend beroep op je zintuigen. Een elegante doch urgente beat maakt een onuitwisbare indruk. De vocalen zijn als fluweel en wijken weinig af van het rotsvaste metrum. Je gaat er spontaan van dagdromen. Wacht, waren we in slaap gevallen dan? Of is dat slechts een teken dat ons onderbewustzijn nog functioneert? Kortom, het maakt wat los bij ons”
3voor12 den haag 

“You need to hear Roni once in order to understand it’s not the last time…
and the sooner the better.”

Amos Oren, “HABAMA”

“The first moment you listen to this song you might want to runa way because It swallows you like a big whale of fears… This song has a magical power, it can melt away evil and poison. try it against anyone who ever hurt you” 
“Benoam” music blog IL, single review

“She knows how to write witty and sensitive songs
and present them in a charming way”

Sharon Shenkman, “The Marker Café”